If there is a complaint or disagreement with any of the bank services provided by MMG Bank to any of its clients, the procedure will be as follows:

·         The client must submit a complaint to MMG Bank, in writing document or by email to: claims@mmgbank.

·         Once the complaint has been received, the Claim Executive will review, hear and respond to, in a personalized way, the claims submitted by the banking customers in a term no greater than fifteen (15) calendar days after the complaint has received.

·         The Claim Executive will report to the customer the grounded response to his or her claim by way of a written document or by electronic means.

·         In cases where the bank’s client is dissatisfied with the Bank’s response to his complaint, the bank’s client will have a period of five (5) business days to explain his reasons in writing.

·         In turn, the Bank will have five (5) business days to consider what is indicated and to respond to the client in writing.

·         The Claim Executive will create and maintain in the system’s main office and for a term of seven (7) years, a record of each one of the claims lodged by the customers, which must contain all the occurrences related to said claim, as well as the result of its management.