Mergers and Acquisitions

MMG Bank offers financial advice to clients in the process of making strategic decisions such as evaluating a negotiating the purchase or sale of assets, business, or companies. Our financial expertise allows us to focus in results and capture value within complex transactions.

Capital Structure

We provide financial and strategic advisory for companies seeking to optimize their capital structure through public and/or private mechanism in order to maximize the potential return on equity within acceptable risk standards.


Through market insights and complex financial expertise, MMG Bank helps its clients determine the intrinsic and market value of their assets and companies. This information helps our clients with investments in private companies when making strategic financial decisions.

Public Securities Issuances

– Debt Issuance Structure
– Equity Issuance Structure
– Mutual Funds Structuring
– Issuance Placement
– Agency, Register and Transfer Services
– Fiduciary Services

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