Credit Facilities

We advise our clients with tailor-made credit facilities providing quick, agile and simple financing collateralized with deposits, properties, among others, as well as letters of guarantee.

Structured Finance

MMG Bank offers financial advice in the structuring of complex financial transactions such as the securitization of cash producing assets and the arrangement of syndicated loans. We also advise asset managers, both financial and real estate, in creating Investment Funds to help them organize and scale their operations.

Capital markets

At MMG Bank, we advise companies that seek to access the capital markets as an alternative source of financing. We support our clients through the process of desigining, structuring, registering with the corresponding regulators, and distributing the issuance in Panama and the region.

Margin Lending

We offer financing solutions for companies seeking to increase their returns, consolidate debt and finance various needs, by using their investment portfolio as collateral with more favorable terms and conditions than traditional financing. The financing is collateralized by the value of the assets of the client´s portfolio, including publicly listed stocks and fixed income instruments, both Panamanian and international.

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