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MMG Fixed Income Fund

The MMG Fixed Income Fund, our flagship fund, has been characterized for being effective in navigating through the local and Latin-American fixed income universe. The investment objective of this fund is to provide monthly income that exceeds that of traditional banking products. The fund has more than 300 investors and provides exposure to more than 60 issuers.

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NAV 04/01/20: 10.3089 | Outstanding Shares: 17,888,004


MMG Global Allocation Fund

Through an investment policy purely centered in Panama, the MMG Panama Allocation Fund, seeks to achieve capital appreciation and to preserve the investor’s real purchasing power. Strategically, the fund invests in instruments with exposure to the expected growth of the major economic sectors of Panama.

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NAV 04/01/20: 12.4594 | Outstanding Shares: 466,262


MMG Panama Allocation Fund

The MMG Global Allocation Fund is a product directed towards investors seeking a globally diversified, balanced portfolio with a tactical exposure to Panama. The fund aims to achieve capital appreciation through investments in equity, fixed income and alternative investments.

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NAV 04/01/20: 10.6670 | Outstanding Shares: 468,278

MMG Fixed Income Fund NAV
MMG Global Allocation Fund NAV
MMG Panama Allocation Fund NAV


Important risks: The fund is actively managed and its characteristics can vary. The fixed income securities in which the fund invests can vary in price depending on the market conditions. Among the risks of fixed income investments there exists the risk of an increase in interest rates and credit risk. Normally, when interest rates increase, the price in fixed income securities proportionally decreases. On the other hand, credit risk refers to the possibility that the bond Issuer is not able to pay the interest or initial investment creating a financial loss to the fund and consequently to the investor. Although the fund only invests in fixed income securities that are issued in US dollars, international investments imply specific risks, including but not limited to monetary fluctuations, lack of liquidity, and volatility of the investment. These types of risks are present on emerging markets investments. High Yield Bonds are more prone to fluctuations in price and the risk of the issuer not being able to repay the debt. The interested investors should consult the informative prospectus that is available in the offices of MMG Bank Corporation. This factsheet does not represent an investment recommendation in the fund.

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