At MMG Bank, we have a profound purpose to contribute to the sustainable development and growth of Panama, which combined with our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), has led our company to a holistic approach to positively impact all of our stakeholders on the environmental, social, and corporate government axes.


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Sustainability Reports
Our Initiatives

MMG Bank firmly believes all companies have a fundamental role in achieving the SDG. For this reason, it conducts several initiatives that are related to the nature of its business and that contribute to the following goals on the axes of ESG.


Sustainable finances:

  • First green bond issuance in Panama.
  • Issuance of the first green bond certified by Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) in Central America.
  • First sustainable bond issuance in Panama.

Participant of Reduce your Corporate Carbon Footprint and Declaration of the 50 First Carbon Neutral Organizations.



MMG Bank holds the seal for Carbon Footprint Inventory within the Reduce your Corporate Carbon Footprint Program for 2021.


MMG Bank participates in the Declaration of “The 50 First” since 2021.

LEED Gold certified office building:

  • High efficiency LED and fluorescent lighting.
  • State of the art occupancy sensors and lighting controls.
  • High efficiency air conditioning system.
  • Reflective cover and landscaped roof.

Our Environmental Indicators:

Sustainable Finance Month:

  • In October of 2020, MMG Bank launches the first yearly Sustainable Finance Month to showcase opportunities for companies and investors to have a positive impact on the environment and social development through the capital markets.

Investor Education Program:

  • Financial literacy is an essential part of our sustainability strategy through both recurring participation in Investor Education Programs with strategic partners, and as a key pillar of our digital communication strategy.

Responsible Citizenship and Human Rights Program:

  • Our Responsible Citizenship and Human Rights Program aims to promote the development of youth with integrity through the awareness of their self esteem, personal dignity and responsibilities, as well as training to become respectful, participants and selfless citizens who know their rights, assume their duties, and develop civic habits so they can exercise citizenship effectively and responsibly.
  • We have reached more than 12 thousand young adults through workshops, community projects, and complementary activities since 2014.

The program has received the following recognitions:

  • Good Corporate Citizen recognition by Amcham Panama in 2014.
  • II Ibero-American Award for Human Rights Education by OIE in 2017.
  • Selected as a good practice to promote a coexisting culture for sustainable development by UNESCO in 2019.

Women in Leadership Program.

  • The program Elevating Women in Leadership is a transformative leadership program designed by Lee Hecht Harrison exclusively focused on aligning, connecting and elevating the impact of women in the workplace.
  • In the program, established and emerging women leaders explore new ways to extend their influence,  gain confidence, develop resilience and balance, as well as develop competencies found in women in leadership position who have excelled in organization, including having a success mindset, projecting self confidence and presence, networking strategically, communicating assertively and defining a personal vision.

Adherence to the Gender Parity Initiative.



Whistleblower system to promote transparency and fairness in the workplace.

  • Access our whistleblower system here


Fundamorgan is the executing entity of the communitarian programs of our sustainability strategy, including volunteering efforts that transcend the different SDGs.

Learn more about Fundamorgan and MMG Bank´s volunteering efforts here