Advisory Mandates

We advise clients in making investment decisions for their portfolios, based on their financial goals and risk profile. We offer investment accounts in Panama and The Bahamas, acces to financial instruments in multiple currencies and local and global custody, as well as execution in local and international markets through our robust network of counterparties.

Managed accounts

Our tailor-made managed account solutions allow us to make timely investment decisions for our corporate clients, providing them with integral advisory and the developpment of a financial plan that fits their objectives and risk profile.

Benefits of managed accounts for corporate clients

– Asset and liability management
– Fulfillment of applicable regulatory requirements
– Portafolio aligned with corporate governance policies
– Strategies focused on risk management
– Proprietary research and analysis capabilities

Custody Accounts

Our open architecture structure allows us to safekeep and trade secutiries across the main financial markets in more than ten currencies. We use the most advanced technology to manage our clients´positions and we work with renowned custodians to service these assets efficiently.

Markets and Trading

Our open architecture platform gives access to financial instruments in multiple currencies and Panamanian, regional and global custody, as well as exectution in Panamanian and international markets through our robust network of counterparties. Our clients can access the Panamanian securities market, regional markets like El Salvador, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and the main international securities exchanges including the US (New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ), London, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Shanghai, among others.

Cash Management

Our cash management solutions benefit our clients through an efficient management and greater return on their cash deposits in multiple currencies.

Our solutions include:

– Fixed Term Deposits
– Cash Plus Accounts: Special savings accounts with liquidity in 15 days.
– Short term, liquid financial instruments

Fees and Rates

MMG Bank International, Inc., an international financial entity in Puerto Rico, only offers services to its clients: investment and current accounts in USD, custody of assets, fixed-term deposits, fiduciary services, credit facilities, financing with guarantees of securities (borrowing reserve line/ security backed loans).

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